Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Felunkles?!?! ...are you serious?

So are Alex and Krissy actually going to merge their last names and become the Felunkles?
Well, we're not sure if this answer is going to please or disappoint you, but no, the quick answer is that we are not going to become the Felunkles, but rather the Feleppas.

The longer and significantly silly story goes like this.

It was early December and Krissy and I escaped the city for a day to visit with our friends Courtney and Billy and their adorable son Will. We arrived at their place to find Will all decked out in his Christmas sweater and red corduroy, looking very dapper. They had taken their Christmas card photos right before we showed up and us four adults couldn't help but marvel at the cuteness. We clinked cheers to the holiday and new year to come. Krissy and I admitted that we were unable to get our own Christmas cards out but would make a more valiant attempt next year. Quickly the conversation became quite silly as we began to talk about the funniest cards we had seen people come up with. There were bad family shots, different themed shots, pets forced to pose in terrible costumes, and even borderline x-rated cards just to name a few. Amidst the chuckles Krissy and I recalled a couple we met in Colorado a few months back who had merged their two last names upon getting married. Though Paul and Shea's names merged much more successfully we thought about if we did the same thing. The concept was a shot of Krissy and I on the couch with our three cats, in outfits as hokey as can be, wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas from the Felunkles! We all burst into another round of raucous laughter.

Fast forward to January. One night on the couch after work we pulled out the wedding notebook and began to revisit our "to do" lists. One major thing was the website we wanted to create but the more we looked at websites geared specifically towards weddings the more we dislikes the templates with their bad color schemes and graphics and animations. Krissy said that she also didn't like the impersonal URL or domain name that you get stuck with by opting for one of these websites. I then had to ask, "well, if we can pick our own domain name what would it be?" We threw around a bunch of options but nothing was working and we were starting to get short with one another. Frustrated we took a mental step back and reminded ourselves that we can't let ourselves get too stressed about this wedding stuff. We must have lost track of time because soon enough we were attacked by our three cats, standing and staring and headbutting to get our attention because it was well after feeding time. The cats nuzzled in to our perch on the couch and we looked at each other without saying a word and laughed. "Oh, that would be really funny, wouldn't it?!" we thought.

It was just the comic relief we needed. Welcome to the Felunkles!

(Krissy and I at Tony Smith's retirement party from The Horticultural Society of New York, July 2008)

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