Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Story: the five year tour

(at Rossa and Lara's wedding back in 2005)

Alex and Krissy met back in the spring of 2005. Krissy was living in a studio apartment in Astoria, Queens, following other apartments in Inwood and Hoboken, NJ. She was working in Manhattan as a bartender/server, part-time real estate agent, and filling her free time with dance at Broadway Dance Center. Alex had recently gone back to school and was enrolled in the School of Professional Horticulture up at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. He lived in Astoria as well, in a large apartment on 30th Avenue, and spent most weekends working out on Long Island trying to make ends meet. Though they had both lived in Astoria for some time their paths never crossed.

They both spent time on Myspace and it was actually over the internet that the two initially "saw" each other. Krissy that January had enjoyed a birthday surf trip with her mom down in Mexico and posted a few pics from the trip to her Myspace profile. One day Alex came across Krissy's profile and intrigued by her pictures and interests he wrote and began a dialog. They wrote back and forth and soon decided to meet. It turned out that the Beer Garden, an Astoria staple formally known as Bohemian Hall, was in between their two apartments so the question of where to meet was a no-brainer. And on a cool night at the start of May Krissy and Alex finally met, shared a pitcher of Spaten, made each other laugh almost instantly, and officially hit it off. Over the next couple weeks there would be the basic courting, with dates and calls and texts, and by Alex's birthday mid-May the two would already realize they loved spending time together. The rest would be, as they say, history.

The two would soon be inseparable. That summer Krissy met the Feleppas out at Rossa and Lara's wedding in East Hampton, and Alex met the Dunkles when they came to New York City for a fall visit. Eventually the parents would meet each other a couple years later on Krissy's 30th birthday in 2007. Alex and Krissy were having an open house to celebrate being in their new apartment together and everyone had a great time hitting it off. That year Alex would finish his training at NYBG and return to the world of nonprofit work as a professional horticulturist. Krissy realized it was time for a career change for herself as well and began schooling to become a licensed veterinary technician at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. The flora and fauna jokes were aplenty, and they were all quite apt. People began to jokingly ask if someday the two might open a nature preserve and animal sanctuary, and the two would reply with total sincerity, "yeah, that's possible, we could do that".

Two years later the day Krissy finished and aced her final exam to become a state certified LVT would be the day the couple would be engaged, exactly one year ago. (for the full engagement story click here) They decided a long, slow and steady engagement was the only way to go to ensure that their special day was exactly what they wanted, a fun and true testament to their love for one another. They did a lot of looking at different venues and thinking through different ways of having the ceremony and reception and eventually decided to get married out in Montauk, NY, at Gurney's Inn, Resort and Spa. Alex and Krissy always wanted a fall wedding on the water and the date of Sunday the 26th worked out perfectly.

The two continue to live in an apartment in a little stand alone house on 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens, complete with houseplants and cats and surfboards. They both work in their respective fields for some exceptional nonprofit organizations in Manhattan, making sure that quality of life is maintained and enjoyed by all. The couple continues to laugh and love and have the fabulous complementary relationship they have enjoyed since the get go. Surrounded by and thankful for such amazing friends and family the couple is sure that this is just the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a wonderful lifelong adventure together.

(freshly engaged at Bobby Van's, winter 2009)

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