Thursday, June 17, 2010

And They're Off!

As you know by now the wedding invites are out! Since we are asking people to trek all the way out to Montauk with us and also make the trip during a popular time of year we wanted to jump the gun a little bit and get the invites out earlier than the typical two to three months before the wedding date. And thank you all for the great compliments to the design and elements we opted to go with. Friends and family have mentioned different aspects of the invite that they like especially and that certainly puts a big smile on our faces. They were a bit of work but we too were really happy with how they came out. And for those people that are checking this website out because you are planning your own wedding we wanted to do this quick post to recommend the DIY wedding invites. If you have a computer and a decent printer and are willing to do the design work yourself they are a great, less expensive option to consider. Krissy found LCI Paper and on their website we picked out a few samples that appealed to us. When we got them we created Word documents the same size as the samples and experimented with fonts and format, wording, etc. Ultimately we picked the design we liked best, printed a test run on the sample, and pleased we realized we could produce our own invites at home for significantly less than a paper or print shop would charge. We ordered enough material to compensate for the inevitable learning curve - for us we bought 100 pieces of everything and ended up with about 75 complete invites, which was enough for our needs. The paper was less than $300 and the only other expenses were pens, a roll of double-sided tape, an extra black ink cartridge, and postage. Going another route we could have easily spent twice as much. It definitely took patience and a little Do-It-Yourself creativity but for us it was the perfect option, and the perfect compliment to the comfortable and personal wedding we intend to have.
...and the response cards have already begun to roll in - amazing!
Hope you are as excited as we are!
Alex & Krissy

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