Saturday, September 4, 2010

..from months away to days away, 22 to be exact!

It's a really breezy day, that crisp delicious air that reminds you why New York in September is so amazing. We received this beautiful card recently from the Porter's (Casey Anderson's "Dune Beach", image used by the Peconic Land Trust) and it got us even more excited about the Montauk adventure we are all going to have later this month. That's right, just a few weeks away folks! Do you believe it?!? As you can imagine the pace has really picked up. Every minute that we're not working or making sure we're staying fed and nourished to prevent crankiness has pretty much become wedding time. When describing all the stuff we are trying to pull off people tend to think that we are stressing out, but luckily we aren't at all. We have put a lot on our plates, it's true, but realistically with us we wouldn't have it any other way. Now we have gotten to the point where we are finalizing tons of things and as you can imagine it is beginning to feel very real. Another card came today, this one addressed to Mr. and Mrs. A. Feleppa. Well that's a first, and I can't deny it made me choke up a little bit.

Krissy had her second dress fitting at Kleinfeld's last week and feels fabulous about her dress and how it fits. I (of course!) haven't seen it but am sure it's the most beautiful complement to Krissy's radiance and I can't wait. Today I went to Brooks Brothers and got the final piece of my outfit and the saleswoman who helped me, Pamela, couldn't have been more sweet, blessing me as I thanked her and got out of there. We have the wedding license thanks to Terri at the town clerk's office out in East Hampton which we acquired the same day as my parents 41st wedding anniversary. Our good friend Rossa Cole is going to be our photographer and we know he is going to do a fantastic job. The final menu choices are going to Gurney's and revisiting the paperwork we breath major sighs of relief knowing we are going to be taken care of by such a professional operation. I have the centerpieces designed and they will look sensational, thanks to my amazing grower friends on Long Island and the hard working folks here in the NYC Flower District. Mary at Strawberry Fields in Montauk is going to make the bouquets for Krissy and Kate and the boutonnieres for me and the dads in exactly the style and feel we are going for so that is a wonderful help to my high horticultural standards. The ceremony is designed and the readings picked and we love that Krissy's sister Kate and my brothers Gian and Tim will all be taking part, along with our dearest friend Megan, the only person who knew both of us before we even knew each other. My mom has started planning the Saturday and Monday get togethers and though we have urged her to keep things easy on herself we know that she will undoubtedly go a little over the top. Our home here in Astoria has a project going in every room, from welcome bags in the living room to escort cards in the kitchen and to-do lists everywhere. We have put a lot of ourselves into this and we think it will really show and that makes us happy. Many of you have offered top help however you can and that means a lot, and you might very well be hearing from us. We want this experience to be the best it can be, for us and for all of you, and your support through it all has been a major godsend. A volunteer of mine at work the other day hadn't seen me in a few weeks and she jumped back in exclamation. Describing to my gang the plant combinations I was thinking about for the table tops Andrea cut in, "Alex, do you realize you are totally beaming?!?! I mean, you are a handsome guy, don't get me wrong, but today it's funny, you are absolutely BEAMING!" ...and it's true, we couldn't be busier but at the same time we couldn't be more elated. "Busy and Beaming", I guess that is going to be our theme for the month.

Well, I just wanted to give a quick update and remind you how thrilled we are to see all of you in just a few weeks time. Many of you are going to be coming and staying for a few days and we think that is great. You'll be able to enjoy going up to the docks at Gosman's or out to the Montauk Lighthouse, or just chill on the beach right in the village, close to Montauk standards like Johnny's Drive-In and O'Murphy's Pub. We can't wait to see you at the end of the month and together make Montauk our own. It is going to be a blast!
Chat with you all again soon,
xo A+K

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