Sunday, September 26, 2010

Music: Gian Carlo Feleppa

Gian Carlo Feleppa, photo by Emma Woods

Lucky for us Gian Carlo Feleppa, Alex's older brother, has a love and knowledge of music few others possess. Starting at the age of 6, Gian Carlo has over the years mastered more instruments than one can fathom. We asked Gian if he would play the sitar for us on the beach at Gurney's Inn for our wedding ceremony and lucky for us he was thrilled to accept. Gian played his own sensational compositions as people climbed down to the wedding location at the ocean's edge. Our friend Erika reflected, "as we descended the stairs to be met by the wind and the wailing of the sitar, I literally felt my consciousness rise. What a way to usher you and Krissy in!" When Krissy processed Gian played his own variation of "Ode to Joy" at Krissy's request and it was so moving and lovely, a perfect complement to Krissy's radiance. It was the best.

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