Monday, September 20, 2010

See you in less than a week!

We just got back from "trip 1" out to Montauk. Wedding Vacation 2010 is officially under way so it was time to begin loading out supplies and party favors for the big weekend. As you can see the surf from Hurricane Igor was pretty sensational, but hopefully it will calm just a little bit by the end of the week. We finalized the big day's agenda with Ginny and Zelko at Gurney's, truly the best of the best. In town we secured the taxi service to carry folks from the Oceanside and Albatross to Gurney's and back again, and got a chance to check in with Mary at Strawberry Fields to go over the beautiful bouquets she is going to make for Krissy and Kate and our precious little flower girls.
The days were sunny and warm enough for us to run around in shorts and t-shirts and be very comfortable. Off-season Montauk is a fun, casual affair so we enjoyed being able to get around town easily and even took a break from the planning to chow down on some serious burgers at The Point while catching a few minutes of the Steelers game. While Krissy was at the spa at Gurney's enjoying her wedding hair consultation I was prepping our secret work space for the end of the week where we will assemble the custom-made welcome bags and planted centerpieces. We reconnoitered and watching the sun set over the dunes we couldn't help but glow ourselves, thrilled that all this hard work and effort is going to make for such a wonderful experience.
The day ended and we retreated back to the folks house in East Hampton to get cozy in jeans and long sleeves. Over an easy dinner we talked about our magnificent hopes and minimal fears for the weekend quickly coming up. Acknowledging all the amazing love and support people have shown we came to a realization that made us all smile. Even though we know we are doing a ton to make this weekend what we want it to be (because well, that's who we are!), for us it's not about being "over the top". After my mom described all the prep work a coworker recently said, "it sounds like the makings of a truly loving family wedding". Mom said she felt like that was the best compliment and we all agreed without hesitation. Because that is really what it's all about. It's about us, and our love, and our families, and our dearest friends, and everyone together taking the time to marvel at the power of love. We can't wait to see you all very soon!

All our love,
Alex & Krissy

oh yeah, and for the latest wedding agenda info, click here. xoxo A&K

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