Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Photographer: Rossa Cole Photography

"Bride Approaching" by Rossa Cole, 2010, All Rights Reserved.

For us we knew the question of wedding photography was an important one. We looked at a lot of peoples work, and in the end our choice was Rossa Cole Photography. Rossa Cole has worked as a photographer in New York City and the Hamptons for many years and has an amazing gift for capturing the moment. Rossa listened to us and our vision for the big day and was organized and full of excellent suggestions.
Rossa Cole (above) and Flo Lunn (below) shot our wedding and they did the most amazing job - we are beyond thankful. We knew they were going to do a great job but the end product totally exceeded our expectations. If you or someone you know needs to hire a photographer in or around NYC we highly recommend you contact Rossa.

ALSO, if you have been given the password you can access our wedding photos via the links below. If you forgot the password you can email Alex at

Opt for "slideshow" under the Styles pull-down menu to be sure and view all the shots. Rossa used multiple cameras so you will see his galleries are not entirely in chronological order.
(All Photography by Rossa Cole and Flo Lunn, 2010, All Rights Reserved, thanks for not stealing :-)

Flo - gallery 1 - the welcome party at the Oceanside, Sat. 9/25:

Rossa - gallery 1 - before the ceremony:

Rossa - gallery 2 - the ceremony and family formals:

Rossa - gallery 3 - the raw bar and cocktail hour:

Flo - gallery 2 - pre-ceremony, ceremony, and cocktail hour:

Rossa - gallery 4 - the first dance set and speeches:

Rossa - gallery 5 - reception, dinner, and more dancing:

Flo - gallery 3 - the reception:

Rossa - gallery 6 - the details and the night:

Rossa - final gallery - The Black & Whites

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