Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New House! November edition (6 months in)

(by the way, you can click on any of the pictures to see them enlarged.  enjoy.)
 one thing we loved about the house right away was the open, spaceous floor plan.  you walk in to the living room, with small dining area, and kitchen in the alcove under the upstairs loft.  for not a huge house there is a ton of light and it feels very big.
 we've already had a number of great dinners and gatherings at the table, and here you can see the front entry and stairs up to the loft and what will become the master bedroom.
 one of the things that really sold us was the kitchen.  with seemingly new appliances and sturdy-enough cabinets we knew that even though other rooms needed work we could move in and cook a decent meal right away before getting to work.  the island was one of our first additions and as is fitting for us, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love the vast improvement of space compared to our last apartment in Queens.
 the loft upstairs has become our bedroom while we fix the adjacent room that will become the master bedroom.

 the master was originally just an unfinished room.  we had it insulated and sheetrocked and soon we will finish it with a good cleanup, trim, and the finer details.  it is a good-sized room and behind the door is another space that we will turn into a closet for all our hanging clothes.
 we haven't had a lot of time to work on this part of the house so we are looking forward to making this winter project, well one of our winter projects at least.  for now it's housing the bulk of the houseplants and various odds and ends but we will be in here certainly by next spring.
 back downstairs off the living room and kitchen is a little hallway with a full bath and two bedrooms, which luckily needed little to make them acceptable upon moving in.  we have paint and plans for the bath, yet another project for the winter months to come.
 the two bedrooms downstairs were not in bad shape, but did need new paint and carpet (no hardwood floors underneath unfortunately) so we took care of that right away. 
 this is the yellow room which is my office for now, and we figure ultimately it will become a kids room, you know, whenever we finally get around to that!

 the other bedroom, the blue room, is our guest bedroom and Krissy's office.  it is a really comfy room and we have already had a bunch of visitors make the trek east and stay with us.  so fabulous to be able to have people to our place for once - we love it!

 and then of course there is the outside.  it is a perfect half-acre rectangle, on a street not too busy which gets us to the ocean and into town in only a few minutes.  the front porch, even now in fall, still gets a lot of use.  right from the get-go we knew this was going to be a part of the house we would use a lot, and we have.
 looking from the drive it is simply the perfect first house for us, the right amount of space, and with all the potential in the world. the Japanese wisteria was in full, glorious bloom mid-May when we closed on the house.  we need a new roof soon as this one is original to the house (built in 1989), and all the landscaping needs to be revamped and improved upon, but again, it's a comfortable and manageable sized place so we are up to the challenges ahead of us.
 looking from the porch we have this little "scenic easement" with a great stand of oaks and various evergreens - the perfect woodland garden to be.
 the back yard is big and open, again, full of potential.  those are a couple fab American beeches and otherwise the yard is very much a blank canvas, which of course I was instantly thrilled about. 
 I have already begun some thoughtful screening in the back and foundation plantings, but obviously a lot more to be done.  ...again, all in due time - enjoying the process of making the place our own.

so there you have it - our new house!  I will try and keep updates and photos coming as things progress.  Cheers,